Toy for Little Miss Mommy Wannabe

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

Kid Kraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue will be great for a Christmas or birthday present for your little girl.  We all know that girls do love to play house and a kitchen toy would be such a great birthday toy gift for them.

I have a little girl of 5 and she loves it when I gave her this one. Now what are the things that she loved about this toy?

First it has doors that open and close. She loves that about it. The sink included is also removable which is really nice for me. As a father I want things clean for my little angel so I love the fact I can easily and quickly clean that part since it is the area where unwanted germs can be. It is quite a big toy with 35.7 inches. It is equivalent to 3 rulers tall. That is another reason my daughter likes a lot. She felt like she really is doing things she knew about the kitchen.

It also has a convenient space for storage above the sink. So when you buy additional Christmas toy gift then it could be something to add up to it. Don’t you think?

It also has oven knobs that turn and click. Plus the construction is quite sturdy and smart. When purchasing it, there is a step by step process in full details on how to assemble the toy that is included in the package.

The good thing about this toy is that, it is already a complete package of kitchen material toys. This is going to be a good Christmas toy for your daughter or you could buy it as a birthday toy for your little girl like I did.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

There are kids who seem to love the kitchen and want to be like mommy. They want to be in charge in the kitchen works too and idolizing their mother for all these things. But we do not usually allow our little kids to mess around in the kitchen and giving them one of these top toys for girls can be cool. I think it was cool with my daughter. Being the only girl in the family, she seems to be too attached to her mother and she wants to try what she does especially in cooking. After I gave her this birthday toy, she had been too occupied with it. You will see here playing it every now and then. She always pretends that she is Mommy and she is preparing our meals. I kind of enjoy playing with her on it.

I love it that she seems to be into learning kitchen works in the near future but now I am glad to be enjoying my time with her as my little princess.

This Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen will be a perfect gift for a special occasion or a reward for your little girl who is a little mommy wannabe. It would be great for kids whose idea of playing is close to the kitchen activities like meal preparations and the like. They will surely like to have it for a Christmas toy or birthday toy gift.

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