Tips For Decluttering Kids Rooms

It’s a mess!

I’ve been there, and you’ve no doubt been there too. de-cluttering the mess in the room of a child can be like trying to get through a maze. Through the labyrinth of utter mess and de-organization, though, you can usually find at least some semblance of a plan. As a parent, though, it’s your job to take that plan and turn it into a solid idea.

The easiest way to do that, then, is going to be to start looking at all of the toys. I found the main challenge would be to start cleaning up the rooms of all genuine toys that lie around the floor. Typically, if you can get toys, dolls, video games and all the other kids accessories stored away, the rest becomes easy.

So, if you are not sure on how to take on this behemoth of a task, let’s start by taking a few ideas on board moving forward in future.

Finding Quality Storage

The best way I found to keep my rooms nice and clear for the kids was to use wall and ceiling storage. It stops it from taking up floor space and leaves your kids plenty of room to roam around their rooms. It also makes it easy to keep the place nice and tidy. With everything stores into boxes accordingly above, kids can’t just keep creating mess.

It stopped them from always making a mess and meant that if they needed something I would get it down for them. It’s a good little tip for keeping floor space and obviously as they older and taller, they can reach it all without much trouble.

Color Coding

I thought that one of the best ways to keep my kids happy was to color code. Children love color coding most of the time, so having a green box for all my sons’ dinosaurs and a red box for all of his soldiers, for example, seemed a good mix.

It was a good way of showing them that you can easily organize everything in front of them without making it boring. It also showed my kids how easy it is to keep everything categorized, simply by using color. They found it easy to stick to and made sure that we kept seeing improvements in how tidy it was.

Set Rewards

After a while, even using the two tips above, I wanted to add more to the table. So, I got in touch with my thinking mind and started to develop a rewards system. For every week that went by without having to be told to clean up their rooms, my kids got an extra on their pocket money. It was a nice little incentive that made it easy for them to keep the rooms clean independently.

I set the foundations with the coding and the storage that didn’t take up floor space. From there, it wa then up to my kids to follow the rules and benefit via more pocket money!