The Best, Most Fun, Most Creative Pool Games for Kids to Play This Summer

In the summer one of the best parts of this time of year is allowing the kids into the pool. Spending time in the pool allows for children to experience a better level of enjoyment with nature, whilst getting to stay cool from the heat of the sun.

One of the easiest ways to get yourself into the right shape moving forward in terms of allowing your kids to truly enjoy being near the water is to go for a wide range of pool-based games. Each game will add hours of fun to be had in the water and thus make it much easier for your child to change accordingly.

Noodle Racing

A popular form of racing in the water is known as a noodle race. Just get some big foam oodles and have your children use them like a water equivalent of a horse. It’s like horse racing back and forth in the pool that adds hours of fun to the occasion.

It’s a funny game that allows everyone to be themselves and to just have some fun. It also allows people to enjoy the power of being in the water and making sure the kids get to feel the difference between racing on land or on water.

Lost Bottle

A great way to enjoy this game is to use the lost bottle for kids who don’t mind diving under the water itself. You can use a wide range of selections of items – it does not have to be a lost bottle. It could be a lost pair of gloves, or a coin or anything that you please

Whatever you go for, you will find that this lost bottle game can be a good way for everyone to work on their swimming technique as well as play the game.

Math Games

A brilliant selection to go for would probably be that of math games. These are fun because they allow kids to have fun whether or not they are good at numbers. All you need are some of the pool noodles mentioned above. Try and make a make-shift net and have people use their number noodles as a basketball of sort. Have them throw the numbers into the hoop in the right order.

It’s a good that allows everyone to have some fun as well as making sure that they get to enjoy the fun of learning math, too!

Float Discs

The last option we want to suggest is floating disc games. It’s a great way to have some fun and allow everyone to get involved in having some fun. It’s a good sport to play as well adding a good bit of fun and competition for all of the kid who are taking part.

Just make sure you get some soft or foam-based flying discs – you don’t anyone being hurt when you are playing and someone gets their throw wrong!

Using the above, then, you should be able to make summer pool time more fun than ever before.