traditional toys

The Benefits of Traditional Toys


In this world of constantly changing toys and fads, it has become quite tough for parents to give their children a more traditional kind of toy or product. Kids might be embarrassed if you hand them out of date toys, as this can make them feel less impressive when compared to their friends.

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Take this mini ego contest out of it, though, and children can get a lot of major benefits from using older toys. If you intend on giving your kid a better quality of life, I wholeheartedly recommend getting some traditional toys together and using them instead.


In my own personal experience I found that using traditional toys with my kids made a better bond between us. Not only did it make them appreciate what I had when I was younger, it let them see that old stuff isn’t necessarily old or crummy. This made my kids a lot more appreciative of the life I led before they arrived, and gave my children a good idea of what life was like prior to their existence.

It’s a small thing but one part of parenthood that I felt was really important – to help educate my kids of the past.

For Gratitude

Another popular reason for using traditional toys, though, is that it makes kids grateful for what they have today. I know when I was growing up, I LOVED the stuff we had. It all felt so futuristic and cool! When I see what my old man played with, though, it made me appreciate how far things had come.

Being a child, the youngsters don’t tend to notice how lucky they are to live in the modern era. By showing them what the alternative was, it makes them appreciate modern life a bit more which can only be a good thing.

New Experiences

If I have one major, significant gripe with people involved in toy making it’s the simplicity of toys today. Back in my day (God, I hate saying that!) I found that my toys were like a puzzle. The first few days was spent finding all the features, discovering new ideas on how to use the toy, and making a world around me with the excitement of that toy.

What I buy for my kids today has no challenge. I found that by giving my kids some of my old toys it helped them discover the power of surprise. Every day they would find a new little compartment or section on each action man, and locate great little extras on my old LEGO stuff.

It’s this kind of excitement that makes it easy for kids to fall in love with traditional toys, too. By making the clear distinction that it’s not only the toys of today that are good, your children should become less likely to depend on the present.

Being able to use and understand history is a powerful tool, and the best way to do that with your kids comes from showcasing old-school toys!