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How to Teach Children Toy-Making

One of the best things that I have ever done as a parent was teach my kids how to make their own toys. Not only did it massively improve their overall cognitive function but it made them appreciative of how hard toys can be to make in the first place. The reason I introduced this to the kids was quite simple – I wanted them to have a better understanding of just how much work goes into the creation process.

Having watched my kids barbarize more than one of their expensive toys, I wanted to teach them the importance of appreciating value. What started out to be a simple educational lesson, though, transformed into something that will change my relationship with my kids forever!

So, how did I learn to show them how to make toys?


The best thing about YouTube is that if you look around long enough, you’ll find what you are looking for. I found videos of people doing DIY toys of things like the Minions, Star Wars characters and famous Disney heroes like Mickey Mouse. Then, the kids and I could simply just follow the instructions and create our own little masterpieces.

If you are serious about teaching your kids how to make toys then I do recommend that you try this out. YouTube will have at least one person who can help you make your life much easier. It’s also more likely to ensure that you can see consistent progress by having videos to follow, as it makes it easier to guarantee that the ideas are going to come out as intended.


Another great way to learn about toy making is to use books. Many great books exist showing you how to make popular products and famous characters. Whilst books can be harder to follow than the YouTube ideas above it should not be too hard to stick to.

I found that my oldest was most into the book side of learning, whilst the other two were not quite so keen. They preferred the video footage over the still images.

Online Courses

A great way for you to learn how to make toys and then pass it on to your kids is to take an online course. You’ll find it easy enough to find a self-taught course that you go through about how to make toys, showing you the basics and the little things to consider that most wouldn’t.

This can make it easier to show your kids the basics of managing to make their own toys and thus ensuring that they can enjoy a more comfortable quality of life moving forward. If you want to help make the lives of your kids easier, then learning the course and teaching it yourself to them might be easier.

Lots of parents I know noticed just how advanced my kids were being creatively after we started doing this. We made this a fun learning experience using video and our creativity, and the end result was happy, creative kids!