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Not All Children’s Toys Are Safe: What Parents Need to Know

For many parents like myself, one of the most challenging aspects of looking after your child is toy safety. Most kids love playing with toys but aren’t so keen when parents still telling them to be safer. If you want to avoid going down this route, then you can turn this guide as a helpful way of trying to make sure that the toys you are buying are going to be as safe as possible for your child.

Naturally, there is a hesitance as a parent to just buy something for the kids. Before making any toy purchase, you should be checking for:

  • What kind of materials is it made from? Is there anything that could potentially harm your child?
  • Is the toy made from a material that is flame resistant or retardant? If it is not then leave it. You never know what can go wrong with a product.
  • All toys that you buy should be both non-toxic and free of any lead-based paint substances. Children are adventurous and this can stop them from harming themselves in the future.
  • If you are buying toys like paint and art sets, then ensure that it has ASTM D-4236 on the package. This will let you know that it passed the American Society for Testing and Materials tests/

Another thing to consider is when you buy products for your kids, what do they come with?

Many parents find that their kids wind up consuming on a piece of plastic from a toy, or something can easily break off and make a sharp edge. Make sure that all little accessories and extras with any product is looked after and dealt with accordingly. The last thing that you need is to have your kids cutting themselves or swallowing something dangerous!

One other caution we would suggest, although perhaps quite harsh, is second hand toys. Make sure they are observed thoroughly – don’t take any chances, even when coming from a friend or family member. You might feel rude or elitist saying no based on safety grounds, but if something is clearly wrong with the toy it’s best to “offend” someone rather than hurt your child when it does them damage.

Always be vigilant when dealing with toys. Many parents don’t seem to care and this can lead to serious problems. A bit more understanding of the inherent dangers of a toy, though, can make your life easier.