Mega Bloks DMX55 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtle Sewer Lair, 342 Piece Review

Are you familiar with Leonardo? I do. My kids and I love the cartoons where he is one of the main protagonists. I am talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sounds familiar is it not?

Well I have discovered this new toy called Mega Bloks DMX55 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtle Sewer Lair, 342 Piece. And Leonardo is the chosen character to be the featured here. Yes Leonardo. Not Raphael. Not Michelangelo and definitely not Donatello. It is Leonardo. Now why do you think is he the chosen character for these birthday toy? Any idea? Me too! I do not know the reason why too. But nevertheless, I still do like it. The toy has nothing to do with the character anyway.

So what are the features of this Christmas toy?

In this toy, Leonardo is set to shell out justice seriously. For this toy, you will be building the lair and get set for quite an epic clash of some mean versus the green. There is a floor where the action block is located and you need to activate it that will send your enemy to fly away from the door.

You will need to unleash the turtle power of Leo and make him zip line to the lair’s top in order for him to stop the Tiger Claw.

This set could be connected to other Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets. Maybe in these sets, the other ninja turtles are the main feature.

So this is quite an exciting toy. This is the reason why it earned a spot in the top toys for boys. It is a definite thing. It is quite rare for a boy not to be familiar with at least one of the ninja turtles that are not only seen on TV but also to some merchandise.

My eldest is quite a fan of this toy.

Now aside from having featured a popular cartoon character, why do you think this is one of the top toys for the boys?

I do think it is because the toy has a sense of adventure in it. The ninja would be fighting some enemies and we know boys love to fantasize to be heroes on an adventure.

It is perfect for a Birthday toy. Cars are quite boring for me. So I always choose something that I think do not have that same boredom. And I really think that this one in particular is not at all boring and that it would be a great gift for your little man. Kids love to daydream. Nothing is wrong to make them do it through the toys, right? Giving them something like Ninja Turtle is such a wonderful gift with or without an occasion.

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