Monopoly Junior Game Frozen Edition

Monopoly Junior Game Frozen Edition3For many parents, like myself, the allure of getting your kids to play board games is harder. When I was a kid it was easier to play these kinds of games as we didn’t have the internet or much video games. The easiest way to get a kid to play the kind of games we all grew up loving, though, is to find something that’s based around their favorite shows and movies.

For any parents looking to find the top toys for 7 year old kids, this is a good place to start. The Disney Pixar movie, Frozen, was a massive success. Kids love it. So why not show them this wonderful Frozen Monopoly?

The Basics

In this excellent remake of the popular board game Monopoly, you get a Frozen edition to enjoy. I was really impressed when I first opened the box, as the kids could instantly recognize major Frozen elements. From the characters that now look the same as their movie counterparts to related Monopoly squares, it was a really integrating experience.

One of my kids was not a huge Frozen fan whilst the others are, but even they enjoyed using this. It comes with three movers, too, so I could easily get all three children playing whilst I supervised and watched the magic unfold.Monopoly Junior Game Frozen Edition2

Major Benefits

This is really easy to play – my two kids who were old enough to fully grasp the game had a blast. Our two year-old was fine, too, but he just kind of had some fun with all of the cool little movers and toys. It’s meant for kids over the age of five, so the other two and I could play slightly more engrossing games.

One thing I found that was a big benefit when using this Frozen Monopoly game was how durable it all was. I’d dropped the figurines and the various other features many times, with no problems at all in terms of smashing or being broken.

Another element that I loved was the use of the single M1 bank notes. This single form of currency makes it easier than normal Monopoly, which my kids were not anywhere near as interested in playing due to the money issues.Monopoly Junior Game Frozen Edition

Key Concerns

No real concerns on my part – I was really impressed with how it controls as we played. The only arguments that ensued were because of the kids, not the game!

Overall Verdict

I would happily recommend this to other people like myself who want to entertain young kids. Frozen is absolutely massive and kids of most ages will have seen and loved it. Now, you can make sure you can combine the modern loves they have with a few old classics.

Monopoly is a genuine classic, and this board game helps you re-live that classic once and for all with your family. It’s a great choice for anyone trying to find one of the top toys for 7 year old girls.

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